8 Comfort Foods That Will Win Over Anybody at Dinner

Whether it’s your turn to host the family Thanksgiving dinner or you’re inviting your coworkers over for the annual holiday potluck, there are certain dishes you should know by heart in case you’re asked to bring something.

Everyone has their own comfort food that they always fall back on when everything else is falling apart (see what we did there?), but everyone can agree that these 10 comfort foods will win over everybody at dinner time!

1. Mashed Potatoes

mashed potatoes plate
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Mashed potatoes are a comfort food staple, but they’re not hard to make. Start with a whole peeled onion, then peel and chop one or two large potatoes (depending on the number of people you’ll be serving) into bite-sized pieces. Put them in a pot of cold water with salt and bring them to a boil.

Cook them until they’re fork-tender, then drain the potatoes in a colander and put them back into the pot. By adding butter, milk, salt, and pepper.

Mash them together with a masher, whisk, or electric mixer until they’re smooth. Serve these mashed potatoes with any other dishes on your menu.

Homemade: The convenience store near your house might have those canned mashed potatoes in the food aisle for you to buy, but why not give this simple recipe for homemade mashed potatoes a try?

2. Roasted Chicken

roasted chicken meal
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Roasted chicken is one of the easiest dishes to make, and it’s also one of the most versatile. Serve it with a side salad for a light dinner, or you can use your roasted chicken as leftovers in other recipes like enchiladas, quesadillas, sandwiches, or soup. One of the best things about this dish is that you don’t even have to cook it!

Just throw some raw pieces of chicken into a pan and place them in an oven set to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes. This will leave your kitchen smelling fresh without taking up too much time.

Roast chicken is also healthier than fried or sautéed versions because you’re not adding any additional oil to the meat.

3. Macaroni and Cheese

macaroni and cheese plate
Getty Images – macaroni and cheese plate

Macaroni and cheese are all’s favorite comfort food.

This recipe from Cooks Illustrated will have them coming back for seconds.

To start, bring a pot of water to a boil for the pasta and let it cook for about 8 minutes or until tender but not mushy.

While the pasta is cooking, whisk together 1/4 cup of flour with 1/2 cup cold milk, then stir in 2 tablespoons of butter and season with salt and pepper to taste. Next, add the cheese to your saucepan using either cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese (or both).

Stir in two cups of cooked macaroni noodles and pour into a greased 9-inch square baking pan.

4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

grilled cheese sandwich
Getty Images – grilled cheese sandwich

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a classic comfort food that will win over anyone. It’s simple and easy to make, and also inexpensive.

Plus, grilled cheese sandwiches are so versatile; you can switch up the cheese, bread, and toppings for endless varieties of this classic favorite.

The melted butter or oil used to cook the sandwich also adds flavor and helps keep the bread from being too dry.

5. Tomato Soup

Tomato soup plate
Getty Images – Tomato soup plate

Tomato soup is the perfect way to get your taste buds going when you’re feeling under the weather, and it’s also a great comfort food on a cold day.

It’s easy to make, too – all you need is some canned tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil, and oregano.

This dish can be served as an appetizer or as a meal on its own. All of these ingredients should be in your pantry right now!

6. Pancakes

pancakes in a plate
Getty Images – pancakes in a plate

Another great breakfast food is pancakes. Whether it’s a basic buttermilk pancake recipe that calls for nothing more than flour, milk, baking powder, and salt or it’s an egg-rich crepe recipe that’s stuffed with everything from berries to bacon (and even veggies) pancakes bring joy to people of all ages and tastes.

You could even serve pancakes as dessert if you replace regular milk in your favorite pancake recipe with heavy cream and top them off with ice cream instead of fruit topping! These 10 comfort foods will win over anyone at dinner.

7. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake
Getty Images – Chocolate Cake

A good chocolate cake is hard to beat. It’s moist, rich, and decadent and a perfect way to end a meal.

This recipe is made with a light buttercream frosting than what you might find on most cakes. The lightness of the frosting makes it easier to eat the whole slice without feeling too heavy afterward.

Plus it has a hint of coffee flavor that works well with the cocoa powder in the cake and complements everything else on your plate.

8. Ice Cream

Ice Cream Balls in a plate
Getty Images – Ice Cream

Fruit ice cream is a healthier alternative to the traditional, creamier version. You can use any fruit you like in this recipe, so feel free to experiment with different combinations!

  • 1 cup fresh or frozen fruit (defrosted)
  • 1 banana, peeled and chopped into chunks
  • 3 tbsp honey or maple syrup (optional)
  • 2 cups almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk (or another dairy-free option)

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