10 easy and inexpensive objects to make yourself for our dogs: DIY is in fashion!

To please your animal without breaking the bank is possible with the DIY. With or without talent, almost all of us can make cute baskets, warm coats, and even cosmetics for our dogs.

Here are 10 easy and inexpensive items to make yourself for your dogs!

Baskets, coats, cosmetics for our dogs, DIY is all the rage!

1 – The must-have custom-made crochet dog basket

No need to have nimble fingers. The crochet basket can be made with basic stitches (single crochet or double crochet). You learn them in minutes. Dexterity and speed will come later.

Choose about 5mm cotton rope, size 8-10 hook, and decide the diameter, height, and color of your basket. You will thus make your dog enjoy a unique and personalized sleep! Many tutorials on Youtube will guide you. Type in the keyword “crochet dog basket”.

Depending on the size, your crochet level, and the stitch was chosen, this will take you between 2 and 8 hours.

2 – Also think about recycling to make pretty baskets for dogs

Half a suitcase for the trash that you recycle by decorating it with a cushion and 4 legs, an old drawer that you redecorate and in which you insert a small mattress, an old sweatshirt that you stuff then close the level of the collar and the bottom, and of which you connect the sleeves by a seam… and presto! 3 baskets quickly made, pretty and ecological!

3 – The homemade winter coat for your dog

Again, there are many tutorials on the internet. Crocheted or knitted, the handmade dog coat is all the rage. Proceed for a snood, after measuring your dog’s neck, then knit or crochet without forgetting the 4 holes for the legs!

Some models are simple, fast, and effective. If you like more complex creations, you can adapt the stitch, add legs that go down along the dog’s paws and even provide a small hood! Up to you!

4 – Natural dog shampoo

To prepare a natural dog shampoo yourself, you only need 5 minutes and a few ingredients! Do you have a shaker? It will be very useful to you!

Take ¼ glass of dishwashing liquid as naturally as possible, ¼ glass of white wine, and 2 glasses of lukewarm water. Vinegar plays an antibacterial role while dishwashing liquid degreases the coat. Avoid essential oils, the dog’s sense of smell is much finer than ours and some can bother him.

Then it’s very simple: you put all the ingredients in a shaker and you just have to shake! Use the contents as a classic shampoo, with water.

5 – The poop bag and its hook for the leash

But where did I put my poop bags again? No more lost or forgotten rolls at home. Sew a pocket and its clip to hang it on the handle of the leash. So you will always have your bags at hand. This is one thing that most leashes lack and is particularly useful. To do this, take a piece of fabric, sew it by hand giving it the shape of a cylinder, then attach a chain (which you can crochet, by the way) that you connect to the handle of the leash. That’s it!

6 – Funny biscuits for your dog, for education with lots of rewards!

If you are wary of industrial treats, or simply find them too classic, consider homemade dog biscuits using funny little molds!

There are many recipes, here is an example: the sardine biscuit in oil for dogs! Your carnivore will enjoy it. They are full of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals.

To do this, you will need:

  • A can of sardines in oil;
  • Of flour ;
  • 1 egg.

Drain the oil in the sink then mash the sardines in a bowl. Add the egg, mix, then pour in the flour without precise quantity, until you can form a ball while continuing to mix with your hands. You almost have to knead.

Flatten your ball with a rolling pin then cut out parts to insert them into a fun mold: bone, paw, or dog shape, the choice is yours according to your creativity.

Finally, place your creations on the oiled baking sheet of the preheated oven or covered with parchment paper and cook for 20 minutes at 180°C. For variety, you can add a little cheese.

7 – Dried meat treats, a treat for our doggies!

Another thing dogs really like dehydrated meat. Either you use an electric dehydrator, or you cut small pieces of meat (chicken, red meat, etc.) that you leave to cook between 3 and 6 hours in your oven at 65°C, watching from time to time. Indeed, each meat has its own duration.

It is necessary to heat to a very low temperature to allow the treats to retain a maximum of minerals and to prevent the meat from cooking.

8 – The wool or patchwork dog blanket

The handmade dog blanket is a classic. In patchwork, it requires time and a certain dexterity because it is necessary to assemble very many squares of fabric. It is also necessary to know how to handle the needle or the sewing machine.

On the other hand, in wool, knitting, or crochet, in less than a day you can create a pretty rectangle on which your 4-legged friend will love to curl up in winter. If, on the other hand, you want to create a crochet quilt, plan some time!

9 – The ball in socks

Are your old socks torn or lonely? Don’t throw them away! Roll them into a ball and your little dog will give them a second life. For a large dog, use them as padding in a sturdy fabric sewn into a patty. They are inexhaustible toys, which we renew each time we have accumulated unique socks.

10 – Dog ice cream

Summer is coming! And with it, temperature increases. Your dog begins to pant and seek coolness. Why not offer him delicious homemade ice cream? It will hydrate and refresh.

Take a round, empty tub of ice cream and fill it with one or more ingredients of your choice:

  • Ripe fruits or vegetables (bananas, carrots, apples, etc.);
  • Plain yogurt or cottage cheese;
  • Sausages ;
  • Oat flakes.

Mash it or the above ingredients or chop them, add a drizzle of oil (or unsalted beef or chicken broth) and pour everything into the tub of ice cream. Then leave several hours in the freezer. You can also use an ice cube tray to make mini ice creams.

Once thawed, never refreeze, it could be dangerous for your 4 legs.

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