10 mistakes to avoid to enjoy good years with your first pig

Dog, cat, rabbit, pig, whatever the animal, if it’s your first, finding out about its physical and psychological needs remains essential. By taking the time to consult the articles describing its particularities, the imperatives, and obligations related to its education, and by meeting breeders, you will know if the pig and you are for life.

1 – Getting the wrong pig

choosing the wrong pig
Canva Design – choosing the wrong pig

It happens, unfortunately. Malicious people can sell you breeding pigs that will reach 300 kg in adulthood. So how do you tell the difference between a miniature pig and an animal intended for breeding? The sizes of the piglets are the same, however, careful observation of their physique will allow you to avoid adopting a farm pig. “Dwarf” pigs have:

  • A small pointed ears;
  • A straight feathered tail;
  • A shorter snout ;
  • A paunchy belly.

2 – Forget the hierarchy

be a leader
Getty Images – Be A Leader

The pig is a gregarious animal for which the hierarchy is of great importance. In a group, the leader watches over all the members. This load is a stress that many pigs would like to do without.

By posing as the leader, by not varying your position from day to day, your animal will have confidence and will not seek to take control. So small, he rushes at you, stays stoic, and doesn’t back down.

3 – Do not give him time to adapt to his new environment

Sad pig in different environment
Getty Images – Sad Pig

In nature, the pig is prey. He is fearful by nature and will need time to get used to their new home. During your reception, you will have reserved a room in the house for him, on the ground floor. For a few days, he will live in this room that you will have fitted out with a basket and blankets, his food bowl, and another for water.

The room must be large enough to put a litter box in it, which you will place opposite the dining area. Each member of the family will come to meet him there and accustom him to his presence.

In order to gain his trust and not scare him away, you need to talk to him gently and never force him to do something he doesn’t want. His gluttony and unsweetened treats will help you educate him with gentleness and firmness. At the end of this period,

4 – Not educating your pig

Educate your pig
Canva Design – Educate your pig

Each new situation for a pig is a stress. Fearful, he will need to be reassured. Taming requires time, patience, and firmness, but this is how you will build the confidence necessary for it to flourish. Education begins with name recognition and trust.

No need to take him out to the garden until he comes to you when his name is called. Unlike the dog, the animal has an excellent memory and does not forgive. A coerced, punished or surprised pig will fear you and will not obey.

His education must be firm, based on positive reinforcement using petting, scratching, and food. Every good attitude and order must bring a reward. If he does something stupid or tries to transgress the limits you impose on him, say a firm “no” and isolate him in his room for a few minutes.

5 – Step over it when it bothers you

pig left alone
Getty Images – pig left alone

Not only when he has reached his adult size, this feat can prove difficult, but above all, it is not the best way to communicate in dirty mode. You are the boss, not him.

It must, therefore, as in its natural environment, not obstruct your path. Posture and body language matter in pig communication. When you give him an order, look him straight in the eye and stand up straight.

This firm position will reassure him about your ability to take care of the members of the household, including him.

6 – Not keeping control of food

pigs eating
Getty Images – pigs eating

Food should be given at mealtimes or when an order has been perfectly and immediately executed in the case of treatment rewards.

Do not give it to him when you prepare the meal or when you have dinner. The miniature pig has an excellent memory. Only once is enough for him to cry out for what you once yielded.

7 – Give in to your whims

Adorable Pigs
Getty Images – Adorable Pigs

Piglets are capricious. They are able to vocalize in high notes and in all tones to get what they want, even if it means disturbing the neighborhood. Don’t give in. Ignore him and go see him when he has stopped vocalizing.

8 – Yelling, shoving, or kicking your pig’s butt

pig vector design
Canva Design – pig vector design

By shouting, you have just lost your place of leadership, because you do not control yourself. By hitting him, your pig only remembers the injustice of the situation and not the stupidity that made you angry.

In these 2 cases, you will lose his confidence and you will awaken in him the need to lead the troop. Aggression issues will develop and lead to you abandoning it because you can’t handle it.

Similarly, if you do not catch him in the act, there is no point in punishing your pet. He will not understand your reaction and will also lose your confidence.

9 – Grab your pet pig by surprise

little pig
Getty Images – little pig

When they are small and still fearful, taking the animal by surprise to save time is a miscalculation. On the one hand, the pig does not like to be carried, because in nature it is prey.

On the other hand, his confidence will be damaged and he will take even longer to come to you the next time.

10 – Agree to let small things happen that you will refuse him when he becomes an adult

Adult Pig
Getty Images – Adult Pig

Since the miniature pig does not reach its adult height and weight until it is three years old, it is easy to give in and accept that it climbs on the sofa or on the bed. Likewise, you will no doubt appreciate seeing it trotting behind you in all the rooms of the house.

 Only, when he reaches 60 to 80 kg, you will certainly not like to find him in your bed. It is essential to define and remain firm as soon as he arrives on what he can or cannot do in your home. 

Remember that your pig won’t understand why what was allowed yesterday isn’t allowed today.

Even a dwarf pig is not a pet like any other

Adopting an animal is a heavy responsibility. It is more so for the pet pig whose certain needs are necessary for its balance. Intelligent animal, he will need to be stimulated if you do not want to see your house turned upside down. 

Give him a space or space in your garden where he can indulge in his favorite activity: digging in the ground. At home, offer him games that will allow him to exercise his snout. 

Toys, balls, boxes, and hidden treats will keep him busy. You can also play with him, teach him tricks, cuddle him and give him scratches he loves. Your miniature pig also needs exercise, you can walk it on a leash. An annual visit to the veterinarian remains essential for his health and his weight must be monitored. 

Also know that your pig will think about rummaging, sleeping, and eating: arrange your home accordingly. Sterilization is preferable for females as for males, on the one hand, it protects your pig from diseases which will cost you much more and will be a source of stress for you and your animal. 

On the other hand, they will channel their already strong character. Finally, as adorable as your miniature pig is, never leave it alone with your children. For his greatest happiness and yours, if your garden allows it, adopt a second pig. 

Finally, if you live in an apartment or in the city, even in a house with a garden, prefer another pet more adapted to the rhythm and noises of the city.

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