My cat cleans the windows by rubbing with its front paws, why?

Cat - Getty Images
Cat – Getty Images

Some cats scratch home windows and mirrors with their entrance paws as if to shine the tiles. They place themselves on their hind legs, sitting or standing, and frantically rub home windows, closet doorways, or mirrors with their pads. Basically, they alternate the proper paw, the left paw, in an enthusiastic motion.

There are totally different explanations for why a cat feels the necessity to rub easy surfaces with its pads. Why do they undertake this cute mania which usually amuses us quite a bit? Listed below are some explanations about this feline oddity!


A cat can scratch home windows or mirrors out of sheer curiosity. Certainly, the very fact of rubbing one thing with the paws permits him to study extra concerning the object, to raise establish and perceive it. If in this event, you react and work together with him since you discover him humorous, your cat will rapidly perceive that this habit provokes a response in your half. He’ll due to this fact renew this motion to arouse your consideration.

The necessity to calm down

In case your little buddy is feeling anxious, whether or not it is contextual or simply for a purpose of their very own, they will take motion on the graceful surfaces to cut back stress and calm themselves down. It is usually a possibility for him to deposit pheromones, soothing hormones, that are situated between his pads. He can also meet his want for motion if he lives in a condo.

Marking his territory

Cat - Getty Images
Cat – Getty Images

By rubbing the glass, your cat leaves odors imperceptible by people, however, that the congeners won’t miss. These smells permit it to mark its territory, to outline its perimeter. On the home windows, he warns each of the opposite companions of the home that the house is his, however, he additionally warns those outdoors who would consider getting into it.

The urge to exit

The cat is a clever animal. Scratching a window or a door, it would usually provoke a response from you. Perhaps you will even open that door or that window for him. It’ll then be a manner for him to categorical his want to exit or come again. This shall be equal to knocking on the door for a human.

Whether it is a condo cat, this doesn’t forestall it from being desirous to exit, particularly when it sees or smells prey on the opposite aspect. It’s then his hunting instinct that motivates him. He thus expresses his frustration at not being outdoors chasing the chook or the mouse whose freedom is sort of a provocation for the little feline!

Your cat thinks it sees a fellow cat

Cat - Getty Images
Cat – Getty Images

Whether or not it’s the reflection of a window or that of a mirror, a cat, particularly when it’s nonetheless a kitten, doesn’t at all times perceive that the returned picture doesn’t correspond to a congener. When he thinks he sees one other animal in entrance of him, without with the ability to contact it, or really feel it, and even scare it away, he can start to rub the floor to take away “what is obstructing” with a view to entry the animal dealing with him. Basically, cats finally perceive that this can haven’t any impact, however relying on the person, it takes kind of time.

Can a cat scratch the window or the mirror by rubbing?

Basically, cats don’t put their claws out on any such floor and due to this fact don’t harm the glass. Even with all of the claws out, the fabric is robust sufficient to not endure feline assaults. Nevertheless, the noise attributable to friction might be annoying, particularly at night time once they pierce the silence. If the mirror has a fragile body, it might endure extra from the repeated passage of your companion’s little paws.

The hazard issues particularly the mirrors on ft which might tilt below the stress of the cat, in any other case, it isn’t a harmful habit.

How do you forestall a cat from scratching home windows or mirrors?

Cat - Getty Images
Cat – Getty Images

It’s extra typically a mania for kittens. It turns into uncommon as they develop.

The best is to pay him no consideration in order to not encourage or stimulate him. Nevertheless, if you happen to learn this text too late and you’ve got already reacted positively to his habits, if you happen to nonetheless need to see him cease, you’ll have to put in place one other technique.

It’s troublesome to forbid a cat from what it does instinctively, particularly if the primary few occasions have been properly acquired. Not like the canine who’s delicate to the pleasure of his grasp, the cat will agree to alter his habits provided that he features one thing extra fascinating. The best is due to this fact to divert him from his motion with an exercise that pleases him extra. To enrich its atmosphere with toys, feather dusters, scratching posts, and cat bushes. Provide him with one thing totally different each time he scratches a mirror.

Alternatively, you may apply double-sided tape to it. Cats do not prefer to put their paws on sticky issues. A repellent product to be sprayed usually might be efficient, however, you’ll have to repeat the operation fairly often, which is restrictive. Lastly, a last-ditch resolution is to cowl the mirror, but it surely solely offers a short-lived reply and doesn’t resolve the issue.


Provide your pet with comparable surfaces on which you do not thoughts scratching or rubbing their paws. Additionally add totally different scratching posts, vertical and horizontal. Though they don’t seem to be as easy, they may play their calming position and supply your little companion with a supply of consolation and leisure.

In no case shouting or hitting a cat is efficient. Quite the opposite, it causes extra stress, stresses that he might need to soothe… by rubbing mirrors and home windows! He does not perceive trigger and impact, solely that you’re offended without perceiving the rationale. If he immediately flees, it isn’t as a result of him feeling responsible, however as a result he feels you’re sad.

If he reproduces these habits too typically and it’s problematic for you, seek the advice of a feline behaviorist who will show you how to adapt the technique in line with the context, your relationship with your cat, and his atmosphere.

Cats that “examine” due to this fact react in line with various factors, each curiosity, and anxiousness. Some may even scrub the partitions. Typically, it’s extra younger cats who act in this manner. This isn’t a harmful or worrying habit, however, it’s nevertheless essential to watch out for the mirrors on ft if they don’t seem to be very secure.

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