15 Proven Exercises To Lose Weight

Exercise, combined with a diet, is the safest way to reduce weight. Whatever form of exercise you choose, it will certainly have positive effects on your health.

However, if you want to lose excess pounds effectively and get results in a short period of time, you should choose your exercises wisely. In this case, you should have a routine to allow maximum results and avoid wasting your time and energy.

Below are the most effective exercises to burn a constant amount of calories. What matters is that you execute them correctly and follow a regular, intensive program.

1. Lunges

woman doing lunges
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Lunges can be varied in many ways, but even the very simple front lunge will allow you to lose weight as you want. It activates both your hamstrings, buttocks and quadriceps. Start by standing with your hands on your hips. You can also hold weights. Place one leg forward, as if you were taking a step.

While the other legs remain in place, lower your body keeping your spine straight until the knees form a 90-degree angle. Lock the position for a while, then back up with the same leg as you advanced. Repeat with the other leg at least 3 x 10 times (3 sets).

There is also an explosive slit variant, which makes you sweat more. This starts as the classic slot, except that you need to change your legs quickly when your knees are bent.

Do this by jumping, then splitting the other leg forward. This requires much more effort, which means that you burn more calories and develop more muscle power.

2. Squats

woman doing squats in her room
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Squats are great for weight loss. Your whole body, especially your trunk, benefits. Keep your feet firmly on the ground at a distance equal to your hips. Place the weight on your heels, lower your legs and raise your arms at the same time.

You can also do it with weights. Your back should stay in the right position at all times. Your knees should stay aligned with your toes. Do all the movements at a steady pace and get up to stand for a while.

3. Burpees

man doing burpee in steps, many positions made by a man in one photo
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Can you work your legs, chest, and trunk muscles all at once? Of course, that’s what burpees are for. They do not just burn fat but help you build muscle.

Standing with your feet slightly apart, bend your knees and push your hips backward. Lower your body as if you were going to a squat. Put your hands in front of you on the ground and let your weight follow.

Then, as you jump, just stretch your body while your hands remain firmly on the floor. For a while, you’ll be in the board position.

Then, bring your feet out of your hands and jump again, this time using your hands to raise yourself in the air.

Once you are done, lower your body to a crouching position and start again. It sounds pretty complicated, but once you get the hang of it, you can get used to this complex exercise.

4. The Inverted V Pipe

woman doing inverted p on a mat
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This exercise requires a mat. It is designed to tone your abs and melt the fat from the abdomen. Lie down on your abdomen and grasp your toes to lift your body, starting with the trunk.

At the same time, your hands should be firmly on the ground. Your hips should finally be high, while the whole body stands in an inverted V-shape, facing toward the mat or towel. Maintain balance and stretch for half a minute, this will also help your legs and back muscles.

5. The Superman Position

woman doing superman position on the floor
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Remember how Superman flies in the air? He is facing down, his arms are facing forward and his body is slightly bent upward. You need to lie down on the mat, then start raising your arms and legs, all stretched out so you can feel the tension.

The central area of your body will be your support. You don’t need to bend your body, just bend it slightly. Maintain this position for about half a minute and it will have a positive effect on your stomach, legs, and arms. It also reduces fat on your thighs.

6. Varied Pushups

woman doing pushups in two steps
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Simple pumps are generally recommended for strength, but if you vary this exercise, you can have more benefits. To melt fat, you should add knee strokes to your pumps. This is an innovative method to lose more weight and it involves your whole body.

People say it’s really effective at shaping your arms and stripping off their fat diapers. In the classic pushup position, bring one knee to your chest, then continue the pushup down. Repeat the exercise as long as you can. It takes time and practice to get good at pumps, but you’ll get there eventually.

7. Swinging Kettlebells

man doing kettlebells on a gym
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Kettlebell movements are a very effective type of exercise for weight loss, because they involve the whole body. Calories are burned easily thanks to the intensity of this training and the impact on the joints is low. Stand on your feet but keep them apart – a length wider than your hips.

Take a kettlebell and hold it with both hands in front of you. Focus on your abdominal muscles and let them guide the movement. Start with a squat and swing the kettlebell up, then back and back to the initial position. You must perform 15 repetitions of these movements.

8. Jumping Rope (Skipping)

Woman jumping on a rope in a gym
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Jumping rope (skipping) is easy, fun, and reminiscent of childhood. However, few people know how effective it is to lose weight. It is so good that it was called the ultimate fat burner among all these exercises. It mainly targets the abdomen and thighs, although it does not allow you to develop your muscles as would weight lifting. Here’s how to do it. Grab a jump rope and start hopping, but remember to rest every 30 seconds or so.

Keep your back straight, as well as your knees, when jumping with both legs at the same time. Jumping rope can be used as a form of cardio because it makes you sweat intensely. Be careful though, jumping rope can be awkward for people with joint problems.

It’s a sport of impact, which means it can affect your joints in the long term, especially if you have a predisposition to it. If you take this type of exercise seriously, you can wear protection for your wrists, knees, and ankles to make sure you’re safe.

9. The Mountain Climber

woman doing mountain climber exercise on a mat
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You can do this exercise with or without equipment. Normally, you will need a resistant band for the mountaineers’ exercise. The central part of the strip must be attached to a very stable object or piece of furniture. Its ends will be attached to your feet. Stretch the tape and extend your body as if you were doing push-ups. Move your legs quickly, in an alternative way, as if you were climbing a steep slope.

Move each knee closer to your chest. Use your arms to support yourself. For greater efficiency, do not let the bent leg tip touch the ground, but keep it in the air during the movement. Only the straight/straight leg and your hands touch the ground. This exercise is a very good calorie burner and should be done for one minute, with a break of 20 seconds, then another minute of rapid and intense exercise.

10. Rotating T Extensions

woman doing Rotation T exercise on two steps
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This is not exactly an exercise for beginners. If you have the strength, it will be very useful in your weight loss process. In addition, it can activate several groups of muscles, targeting the abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks.

Stand on the floor in a push-up position with your arms outstretched and then move your entire body to one side (left or right). Raise the opposite arm high and stay that way for a few seconds. Switch sides to repeat and rest after every minute of exercise.

11. Swimming

man swimming in a pool (doing exercise not free swimming)
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Known as a type of cardio training, swimming is best when it is fast or vigorous if you want to lose fat. It can burn more than 950 calories in an hour, so it is important to consider. In addition, swimming is a low-impact sport, which means it doesn’t damage your joints and ligaments.

It trains all your muscle groups and makes you feel good afterward. It also has a positive effect on inflammation – it reduces it, thus decreasing one of the main factors of weight gain.

12. Stair or Inclined Slope Running

woman escalating stairs in nature
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Running is a great form of cardio training, but running uphill is the best; it allows you to burn at least 800 calories in an hour, which is one of the best rates of the moment. This fat destruction activity involves serious effort on your part and will certainly make you sweat.

You can choose an inclined surface or a slope to run uphill or on long stairs. Working against gravity develops power, and strength and melts stored fat. There are more muscles involved than running on a flat surface.

13. Rowing Exercise

woman doing rowing exercise in her room
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Whether you’re an outdoors person or you’re riding the rower at the gym, this activity will burn an impressive amount of calories. In one hour, you can get rid of no less than 810.

With rowers, you can adjust their resistance to the desired level, depending on the effort you are ready to provide. Despite the incredible training of the whole body, the rowing machine is a low-impact sport. In addition, it has many advantages, from cardio training to muscle building.

14. Upper & Lower-Body Compound Exercises

woman doing lower-upper compound exercise in nature
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Compound exercises that require one or the other half of the body are very stimulating; they make your main muscle groups work very effectively. You have to lift heavy trucks, which is possible if you start with light weights. For example, you can do push-ups with dumbbells or leg curls in the shape of cups. Go gradually and do no more than five repetitions before resting.

Your priority is to increase weight gradually, but quickly, not to do more repetitions. The super-sets for the upper body that you can do are the following: developed lying down with dumbbells, pumps, flexions with dumbbells, etc. Super-sets for the lower body include step-ups, inverted slots, Russian twists, and board.

Three Quarters Cardio 

It’s not really an exercise; it’s a strategy. If you can keep it to only 35 minutes, the 45-minute sessions are best when it comes to losing weight quickly through cardio training.

If you do it once a week, that’s enough. You have to be consistent and avoid going too hard, so as not to run out. In addition to melting fat, long cardio sessions improve your ability to use oxygen, as well as your resistance and recovery. You can run, row, swim, dance, or hike, as you see fit.

15. The Calorie Burning Data

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To motivate you, we found some data that illustrate the effectiveness of the above exercises. For example, jumping rope is what you can do best to lose weight quickly because it burns just over 1000 calories per hour.

Strong forms of cardio, such as vigorous swimming, burn a total of 900 calories per hour. Running down the stairs and fast rowing is very close, with an average of 815 calories. In general, high-impact aerobic workouts burn 660 calories per hour, while low-impact workouts burn 400. Weightlifting tends to burn 455 calories in the same period of time.

Do not be afraid of strength (or weight) training. Although it is known as a method to increase muscle mass, it also contributes to fat loss. This is due to stress and burning calories, but also to increased muscle mass.

The more muscle you have, the easier it is to burn the remaining fat. Therefore, do as much cardio as possible, while keeping time for strength exercises. You don’t necessarily need a personal trainer for this; you can do it at home if you have appropriate weights.

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